IKEUCHI USA, Inc. The Fog Engineers

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Fog, Humanity, and IKEUCHI

Fog, covering the earth, growing forests and moistening the air, has always been closely related to our lives.
Crops essential to our life grow by absorbing moisture from the air, as well as their roots. Fog plays a part in converting undergrowth and fallen leaves into organic fertilizer. Additionally, textile production’s weaving techniques were developed in areas near rivers, because the river’s fog produced the proper humidity needed.
Today, fog plays an important role in quality improvements of electronic device manufacturing and printing. Fog serves to improve the global environment, from combating global warming, to dust pollution control.
It is our mission to design and provide high-quality fog spraying systems to contribute to our industries, and to mankind.

Company Motto: Taking The Path Less Traveled.

Our goal is to create unique products that contribute to social development, protect the environment, and improve people’s lives.
As the “Fog Engineers” of IKEUCHI, we take pride in creating high quality technologies and products to serve the world.

Fog, as an Industrial Material - From the Present to the Future -

IKEUCHI has ended the long debate on water particle sizes by classifying them. With this classification, we are able to offer fog as an industrial material.
We strive to continue developing new products while maintaining a high awareness of the environment. We recognize the importance of water and air being essential for life.