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Fog Cooling System

Optimized fog cooling tailored to specific cooling targets and work-environment conditions

Fog Cooling System

IKEUCHI utilizes the latent heat of vaporization phenomenon in fog production (evaporative cooling) to create spray-cooling systems for solids, gases and other substances, supporting customers in everything up through after-sales services. As a spray-nozzle manufacturer boasting technologies cultivated through many long years in this business, we achieve fog optimized to specific cooling targets, work-environment conditions and other such factors, efficiently deploying different fog types as appropriate.
We create a fog cooling system that meets our customer’s needs, ranging from large-scale fog cooling systems for steel plants and chemical factories to smaller products for cooling dies and molds.

Cooling by IKEUCHI

What is the most suitable fog for cooling?

Originally having classified spray droplet sizes to utilize fog for industrial use, IKEUCHI has been developing spray nozzles, each with different fog properties, and taking the unique approach to pursue a wide range of proprietary research over the years on cooling-related effects.
Thanks to these efforts, we have become able to propose fog and cooling systems best-tailored to such factors as types and states of objects/substances to be cooled, production environment conditions, target cooling temperatures, and others.
Even when existing spray nozzles do not provide fog ideal for the objects or substances that the customer wishes to cool, we can develop new nozzles as necessary.

Our Dry Fog and Semi-Dry Fog® technologies are capable of providing exceedingly fine fog, and when used for cooling, they leave behind very little wetting, making them popular among vast numbers of customers today.

Dry Fog:
Mean droplet diameter under 10 μm and max.
droplet diameter under 50 μm
Semi-Dry Fog®
Mean droplet diameter of 10–30 μm

Three pillars of Cooling Division operations

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