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Proposals Adapted to Installation Scale

Proposing measures optimized to various installation scales, ranging from large to small

Various installation examples from large to small

In general terms, the scope of environment-related measures can be relatively large or small depending on the target installation space or spaces, and the required approaches vary in each case.

In the case of fog cooling systems, relatively small-scale setups may spray cooling fog from two or three meters (about 6.5–10.0 feet) above ground level, whereas large-scale environmental cooling systems sometimes spray fog from a building's rooftop to provide large-scale cooling that extends all the way down the walls to the ground level. These setups differ greatly, requiring specific nozzles, fog types, control system complexities and so forth.

Making use of our technologies and experience as a spray nozzle manufacturer, IKEUCHI is capable of proposing effective solutions in the area of environment-related measures, whether the scope of the installation be large or small.

Wide-ranging experience in measures both large and small
For Small, Limited Areas
  • ・Reduced energy usage by air conditioner systems through measures such as cooling of outdoor units
  • ・Creation of cooled spots for commercial facilities, along roads, etc.
  • ・Humidification for cafeterias / dining areas, resting spaces, etc.
For Bigger Zones
  • ・Creation of cooled zones for parks and the like
  • ・Installation of heatstroke-prevention products for schools, local-government facilities, etc.
  • ・Humidification for whole facilities
For Larger, More Spacious Areas
  • ・Wide-reaching urban heat mitigation through large-scale installations serving railway stations, public plazas and other open spaces and large facilities
  • ・Large-scale outdoor cooling through fog-spraying installations on building rooftops

Please contact us at the Environment Division if you are interested in discussing any type of project, large or small. We can assist you with anything ranging from factory and outdoor space cooling to air conditioner energy-saving measures and living-space humidification.

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