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Expanding into the Field of Energy

R&D for systems that contribute to urban-scale energy savings

Energy-saving efforts

In addition to other endeavors previously introduced in the Environment Division's section of this website, we are also expanding our efforts in the field of energy.

Society today faces rising summer temperatures every year, which are brought about by global warming.
Awareness at corporations of the importance of energy-saving measures is growing, and even from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility (CSR) companies consider proactive measures such as boosting energy efficiency at existing facilities and introducing renewable energy to be of the utmost importance as part of their response to today's environmental issues.

With this in mind, we at the Environment Division plan to step up our efforts in the area of products and services that contribute toward greater energy savings.

Increase in power generation output by cooling solar panels

Among the various types of renewable energy available, solar power is attracting widespread attention due to the vastness of its power supply potential. However, various challenges have stood in the way of its dissemination, such as the high initial costs of needed equipment and reduced power-generation performance when panel-surface temperatures become too high. These issues as well as operational cost effectiveness require further attention in order to provide needed boosts in power-generation efficiency.

At IKEUCHI, we are pursuing R&D with the aim of creating a system that improves electric power generation performance through the use of water-spraying equipment during the hot summer months to cool solar panels.

According to the results of experiments carried out for verification purposes by a partner company in this project, cooling of solar panels using an IKEUCHI spraying system resulted on average in a 10°C decrease in panel surface temperature and an approximate 20% improvement in power generation output.

Relation between panel surface temperature and power output
(measured on September 7, 2010)
Relation between panel surface temperature and power output(measured on September 7, 2010)

Increase in power generation output by cooling buildings’ air conditioner outdoor units

During the summer months, high temperatures reduce the efficiency of heat-exchange equipment for air conditioner outdoor units used to cool building interiors. Such drops in efficiency increase energy consumption and may even lead to air short circuit brought about by exhaust heat.

By cooling air-conditioner outdoor unit with water fog spray on hot summer days, the thermal efficiency of the outdoor unit is increased, which reduces its consumption of electricity. Thus it achieves both an energy-saving effect and a reduction in the peak electric load. We have developed and worked on such cooling systems.

According to verification tests carried out by a partner company, the use of IKEUCHI spraying equipment to cool air conditioner outdoor units resulted in about 10% less power consumption.

Electricity consumption reduced by cooling air conditioner outdoor units

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