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Message from Environment Division’s Management

Outdoor cooling inspired by traditional Japanese wisdom of “uchimizu”

The Environment Division was founded on the concept of "using fog technologies to achieve more comfortable living environments and prosperous lifestyles."

In Japan, the effects of phenomenon such as global warming and the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon have led to increasing numbers of extremely hot days and nights, which have in turn resulted in worrisome health-related problems such as heatstroke and difficulty sleeping.

Japan has an old tradition called “uchimizu, which has recently drawn attention as a possible measure to help mitigate the UHI phenomenon. “Uhimizu”is to sprinkle water on roads and gardens as a easy way to relieve some of the summer heat.

LYOHM System®

We have improved upon the uchimizu concept using contemporary technologies to develop Semi-Dry Fog® systems wherein nozzles directly spray fog in outdoor environments, effectively cooling the air and providing a more refreshing overall atmosphere

Today, our LYOHM System®, which operates on Semi-Dry Fog® technology, is utilized in a wide array of outdoor facilities and spaces.

Large space cooling system

In addition to systems for outdoor environments, we make full use of the same Semi-Dry Fog® together with air-blowing technologies to provide low-cost cooling for people working in large indoor spaces such as factories and warehouses.
Thanks to this innovation, it is possible for factories and other large facilities that were previously unable to introduce traditional air conditioning equipment to create more comfortable working environments that boost work efficiency while promoting better worker health.

Contributing to improved humidity conditions and flu countermeasures

These same technologies can be put to good use in improving winter humidity environments as well.
Infectious diseases such as the flu occur on a large scale every year, and one of the most effective preventive measures for these is to maintain proper humidity levels. With the continuing proliferation of nuclear families, households with two working parents and other such social phenomena, the responsibilities borne by nursing care and welfare facilities, daycare centers, preschools and the like are becoming greater, and their roles in preventing the spread of infectious diseases is more important than ever.

At IKEUCHI's Environment Division, we have succeeded in developing ULM®, a humidification system designed specifically for these types of environments. Utilizing the technologies fostered through the Humidification Division's development of the AirAKI® industrial humidification system, we created the ULM® system and equipment to provide reliable, steady humidity levels in indoor environments.

Large-space humidification unit ULM®
Large-space humidification system

In addition to summertime UHI and heatstroke countermeasures and wintertime measures against dry air, we pursue R&D aimed at improved operational efficiency in air conditioning system outdoor units, solar panels and other such equipment, offering a lineup of products designed to help achieve greater energy savings.

The Environment Division will continue utilizing fog of various droplet sizes in an effort to provide customer solutions that achieve more comfortable living environments.

Takashi MAKI, General Manager,
Environment Division