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The PARTcommunity CAD download portal is an online library for 2D & 3D CAD models of supplier- and standard parts for all CAD formats.

You can download various written materials.
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Model number 2D 3D
1/4M2CCP1017S303 NSK0323-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1017S303W NSK0326-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1022S303 NSK0323-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1022S303W NSK0326-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1034S303 NSK0323-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1517S303 NSK0322-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1517S303W NSK0325-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1522S303 NSK0322-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1522S303W NSK0325-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP1534S303 NSK0322-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP2517S303 NSK0321-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP2517S303W NSK0324-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP2522S303 NSK0321-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP2522S303W NSK0324-1G.dxf
1/4M2CCP2534S303 NSK0321-1G.dxf