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IKEUCHI USA at MANTS '23 (Baltimore, MD)

October 20, 2022
Date & Opening hours January 11-13, 2023
Venue Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
Booth No. 2507

IKEUCHI USA, Inc. will exhibit at MANTS '23 , one of the largest private trade shows serving the horticulture industry and is widely known as the masterpiece of trade shows. Bringing together buyers with purchasing power and more than 900 exhibitors, MANTS kicks off the new year with opportunities for in-person meetings, networking, and commerce. Over three days, MANTS creates a valuable space where businesses can connect with clients they rarely see, network with potential customers, debut new and exciting products. MANTS '23 will be at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, and we will be booth #2507.


We will be showing our unique humidification system, the AKIMist ® "E"as well as our Portable Dry Fog Humidifier Set, the AE-T Set, both of with are designed to help maintain humidity in greenhouses and growing facilities, as well as supporting an excisting HVAC system to stabilize the temperature. Another nozzle system you will want to ask us about is the CoolPescon® System, it does double duty maintenance, watering and supplying nuts, as well as helping with pest control. Come to the booth and ask us about them.  

  • Dry Fog Humidifier - AKIMist ®  "E" 

  • Portable Dry Fog Humidifier Set - AE-T Set

  • Cooling/Humidification/Pest-control System - CoolPescon ® 

  • Come and see us at Booth#2507, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Please feel free to send any request for information on the products,
or an appointment for a meeting with us in our booth.

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