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Pneumatic Spray Nozzles

Page for pneumatic nozzles, also known as air atomizing, pneumatic atomizing, or twin-fluid nozzles.

Pneumatic nozzles are nozzles that spray a mixture of liquid and gas. They come in three categories based on the type of mixing: internal mixing type, external mixing type, and impinging type, and by changing the mixing ratio of liquid and gas (air-water ratio), it is possible to create fogs with a variety of characteristics. They are capable of generating finer fogs than hydraulic spray nozzles and can be used for a wide range of applications since they can also spray highly-viscous liquids.


Spray Nozzles

Hydraulic Spray Nozzles
Flat Spray Pattern
Mountain-shaped spray distribution
Even spray distribution
Hollow Cone Spray Pattern
Fine fog ( - 100μm)
Semi-fine fog ( - 300μm)
Semi-coarse fog / Coarse fog (300μm - )
Slit/Pipe cleaning/solution agitation
Pneumatic Spray Nozzles
Compressed driven nozzles
Fine fog ( - 100μm) Small capacity
Fine fog ( - 100μm) Medium capacity
Semi-fine fog/Semi-coarse fog ( - 1,000μm)
BIM series fine fog spray nozzles with Air duster gun
Blower driven nozzles
Steamed driven nozzles/Others
Air Nozzles
Compressed driven nozzles
BIM series fine fog spray nozzles with Air duster gun
Flat Spray Pattern/one-hole/Slit
Blower driven nozzles
Steamed driven nozzles

Unit Products

Humidification Units
Dry Fog humidifiers
Cooling Units
Fog + Fan cooling units COOLJetter®
Fog + Parasol cooling unit
Cooling unit for air-conditioner outdoor units
Spray Nozzle Units
Portable spray controller
Brush-cleaning nozzle header

System Products

Humidification Systems
Dry Fog humidification
Semi-Dry Fog® humidification
Outdoor/Indoor Cooling Systems
Semi-Dry Fog® cooling/humidification