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Solution agitation EJX series nozzles high flow rate type

Pipe conn. size 1/4–3/4M Spray angle - Mean droplet diameter -
Strainer Not included Standard pressure 0.1 MPa Spray capacity 18.8–206 ℓ/min (Reference value)
Air consumption - Free passage diameter 2.8–9.1 mm


• High flow rate EJX series, featuring 1.5-2 times higher spray impact (flow velocity) compared to the conventional EJX series.
• Taking in surrounding liquid, EJX series solution agitation nozzle spouts out 3-4 times more volume than the amount supplied.
• Simple structure and compact design suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangement.


Solution agitation, preventing deposition, uniformizing concentration and pH
Cleaning in liquids
Submerged etching

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Electronics, Automotives

Product specifications

Structure • One-piece structure producing 3-4 times more spray volume than the amount supplied.
• Outlet water volume (reference value)
Material • PP (polypropylene)
Pipe conn. size Mass(g)
PP-IN(Injection molded) PP
1/4M 5 -
1/2M - 30
3/4M - 90

• Figures in ( ) after the pipe connection sizes indicate the spray capacity codes.

Outer dimensions

1/4MEJX1*0/5.8PP-IN(φ19-50, φ6)

1/2MEJX1*0/22PP(φ32-110), 3/4MEJX1*0/64PP(φ45-160)

Body (material) Pipe conn. size Outer dimensions(mm)
ℓ1 ℓ2 ℓ3 ℓ4
Polypropylene(Injection molded) 1/4M 50 26 4 16.2


Body (material) Pipe conn. size Outer dimensions(mm)
n φd1 φd2
Polypropylene 1/2M 110 14 32 25
3/4M 160 15 45 41


• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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