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Plastic adaptor with seven outlets


• A plastic adaptor that can attach multiple spray nozzles.
• Up to seven nozzles are attachable; maximum spray capacity is 84 L/min (at 0.3 MPa) when seven spray nozzles with 12 L/min spray flow rate each are mounted.
• No piping work is needed. Easy installation.
• Lighter weight, compact.
• Heat-resistance: 80℃ (176 ºF).
• Pipe connection size for inlet: Rc3/4 (3/4" BSPT female threaded).
• Nozzle connection size: Rc1/8 (1/8" BSPT female threaded).

Note: The upper-right photo is a seven-outlet plastic adaptor with spray nozzles mounted.


• Spraying: Chemical washer, Rain tester
• Washing: Beverage tanks, Pasteurizer
• Others: Water fountains, Entertainment, Mist sauna

Product specifications

Material Glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene (FRPP)
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