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Quick-detachable nozzle connectors INCO series


• Easy installation and removal by just attaching a nozzle to this connector.
• Quick-detachable design helps to greatly reduce maintenance time.
• Easy mounting/dismounting with a knurled tab.
• Made of high chemical and heat resistant plastic (compared to PVC).
• Nozzle connector thread size is Rc1/8 or Rc1/4.

Note: The upper-left photo is INCO with a wide-angle flat spray nozzle YYP series.


• Cleaning
• Etching
• Stripping
• For the applications where precise spray alignment and/or periodic maintenance is required

Product specifications

Material • Connector: PP (polypropylene)
• Adaptor: PP or PPS (polypropylene sulfide)
• Packing: FEPM
Pipe conn. size Mass (g)
w/ PP adaptor w/ PPS adaptor
R1/8 9 12
R1/4 10 13
R3/8 11 14


[Drawing of INCO 1/4Mx1/4F PP(FEPM)+PP (or PPS)] 


①Nozzle connector ②Packing ③Adaptor


Please see the catalog (downloadable below) for the dimensions of INCO series with R1/8 or R3/8 adaptor. 
Drawings are available on request.

Note: Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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