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Rotating cleaning nozzles JET ATTACKER JA-3D/D180゚ series

Pipe conn. size Rc1/2 Rated pressure 1.0–3.0 MPa Spray capacity 12–70 ℓ/min (*1)
Reach distance 6–9 m in diameter Cleaning distance Max. 9 m Max. allowable temperature 4–60℃ (40–140°F)


• Rotating nozzles for 3-Dimensional cleaning.
• Spraying 180゚ downwards, and no scattering of water upwards. Ideal for tank cleaning with no upper lid.
• Rotation is driven solely by the spray reaction force.
• All supplied water is used as driving force and cleaning water. Minimal energy loss.
• Nozzle mounts are available in two arms or four arms.
• Applicable tank size is up to nine meters in diameter.

*1) Spray capacity is 12–36 L/min (two-arm type), or 24–70 L/min (four-arm type) each at 1.0–3.0 MPa.


Cleaning of tanks, containers, and conveyors

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Chemical
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing, Food
• Medicine
• Welfare

Product specifications

Main material: Stainless steel 304
(O-ring, seal, etc.: PTFE, NBR, and FKM)


JA3-2S/D180 series: 1.9 kg
JA3-4S/D180 series: 2.3 kg

[Dimensions of JA3-2S (φXX-D180)] (Unit: mm)

• Nozzle orifice diameter is specified in place of XX (1.8 or 2.4).



Other information

[Flow rate diagrams]


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