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[Discontinued] Semi-Dry Fog® Humidification System COOLJetter® ULM

Product outline

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This general-purpose, large-space humidification system can be used to control humidity levels in cafeterias, resting/break areas and other large indoor spaces.
The unit generates large amounts of fine fog (Semi-Dry Fog®(*1)) and disperses it using a fan. Even a single product can provide powerful, highly effective humidification performance in large indoor spaces where ordinary standard humidifiers fail to bring up humidity levels.


• A hydraulic humidification system that does not require compressed air.
• The unit generates large amounts of Semi-Dry Fog® (*1) and disperses it using a fan.
• Maintaining high indoor humidity levels during the winter prevents colds, influenza (flu) and other illnesses.
• With each unit offering 4.7 L/hr performance, 3 units are enough to humidify a 500 ㎥ (5,382 sq. ft.) space.
• Support customers in site investigation, layout design, installation work and after-sales services.

*1) We define Semi-Dry Fog® as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10–30 μm.
Because this fog system uses fine droplets and does not include large droplets which can result in wetting of objects and surfaces, it provides superb performance quality for human users.
"Dry mist," despite its similar same, has no specified droplet diameter as part of its definition. Dry mist droplet sizes vary significantly by producer and product.


[ Care Facilities, Hospitals, Schools ]
• Health-related benefits: maintaining a relative humidity level of 50% or more dramatically reduces cold viruses, influenza (flu) viruses and so forth to prevent illnesses.
• Labor savings: reduces labor loads for workers operating facilities. These units can replace existing multiple-unit humidifier setups and enable maintenance-free operations.

Industries in which this product is used

Environment and Entertainment, Medicine, Welfare, Schools, Sports facilities

Product specifications

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