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Semi-Dry Fog® Cooling and Humidification System CoolPescon®CH

Product outline

CoolPescon®CH is a cooling and humidification system that utilizes the evaporative cooling effects of Semi-Dry Fog®.(*1) Because the fog generated evaporates quickly, it does not wet crops, equipment and greenhouse facilities. Furthermore, it enables high-precision control of humidity levels.
This system doesn't have the problem of wetness seen with conventional fog cooling systems, and it creates ideal environments for crops while reducing excessively hot temperatures for the sake of workers.


• Hydraulic spray cooling and humidification system that produces Semi-Dry Fog®. (*1)
• It reduces temperatures by 3–5℃ with evaporative cooling of fog.
• This system uses Semi-Dry Fog® that is much finer than semi-fine fog used in a conventional cooling system to prevent wetting of crops and growing facilities.
• Suitable for greenhouse cooling in summer and humidification in winter.
• Support customers in site investigation, layout design, installation work and after-sales services.

*1) We define Semi-Dry Fog® as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10–30 μm.
This system uses fine droplets and does not include large droplets which can result in wetting of objects and surfaces, making it ideal for environments previously plagued with wetness-related problems caused by semi-fine fog cooling.
"Dry mist," despite its similar name, has no specified droplet diameter as part of its definition. Dry mist droplet sizes vary significantly by producer and product.


Plant growing factory, Greenhouse horticulture: Cooling greenhouses, year-round greenhouse cultivation, preventing worker exposure to excessively hot work environments

Industries in which this product is used

• Agriculture
• Livestock

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