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Cooling and Disinfection System for Livestock Farming CoolPescon®

Product outline

With automated control of water and disinfectant spraying, this cooling and disinfection system provides comprehensive solutions to problems related with heat stress, dryness and pest in livestock barns. It provides a new approach in livestock health management and mitigates burden placed on workers.

Because the fog, Semi-Dry Fog® (*1), is so fine, and vertually no dripping happens from the nozzles when the system is turned on/off, it operates without wetting livestock bodies, feed and facility interiors.

In summer, with evaporative cooling of sprayed fog, the system reduces barn indoor temperatures by up to 8℃. In disinfection mode, the system sprays disinfectant at once over an entire barn interior, which gets a spraying task done in a short time without placing burdens on workers.


• Hydraulic-spray cooling and disinfectant spraying system that produces Semi-Dry Fog® (*1).
• It reduces temperatures by up to 8℃ with evaporative cooling of fog.
• It doesn’t wet livestock bodies, feed and facility interiors.
• Ideal for mitigating heat stress and for pest control.
• Before introducing this system, we carry out system design and draw up estimates, enabling us to propose optimized nozzles and equipment layouts.

*1) We define Semi-Dry Fog® as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10–30 μm. This system uses fine droplets and does not include large droplets which can result in wetting of objects and surfaces, making it ideal for environments previously plagued with wetness-related problems caused by semi-fine fog cooling. "Dry mist," despite its similar name, has no specified droplet diameter as part of its definition. Dry mist droplet sizes vary significantly by producer and product.


[Cooling in livestock barns]
• Recovery of appetites
• Restoration of milk yield
• Recovery of disturbed estrous cycle
• Conception rate improvement.

[Humidification in livestock barns]
• Prevention of colds

[Disinfectant spraying]
• Keeping away stable flies from cows
• Deodorization
• Preventing cows from catching pneumonia

Industries in which this product is used

[Livestock farming]
• Dairy
• Cattle
• Swine or poultry farming
• Stables

Product specifications

Structure • Spray nozzles, spray headers (one way or two ways)
• Pump unit
• Control unit, temperature and humidity sensor
• Water tank, chemical tank
• High-pressure hose
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CoolPescon®CH in Use

Maruo Dairy Farm (Ako Cicy, Hyogo Japan)

Aiming to restore summer milk yield and improve conception rate

According to Mr. Maruo, during the trial run in 2014, reduction in ambient temperature of 3–5°C was observed without wetting down the cows, ground, or facilities.

In full operation since May 2015, the system has been mitigating heat stress among the cows and increasing their appetite, restoring the volume of milk produced in the summer season that had been down 10–20% from the average.

As with the improved milk yield, which drops in the summer, there are hopes that the conception rate will also rise.

Steady monthly conception allows a regular volume of milk to be supplied all year round, which is ideal for a dairy farmer. The problem is that the summer heat disturbs the estrous cycle due to a loss of appetite and decline in physical functions, and causes delayed conception, ruining the balance of milk yield in the coming fiscal year.

The ability of CoolBIM® to alleviate this problem is a significant result. Different from conventional mist cooling, there is no risk of mastitis in using CoolBIM®, as it cools down the cows without wetting those bodies. Because the system prevents perinatal diseases in the summer and reduces the number of cows under medical treatment, the equipment pays itself off.*1

It is very likely that other dairy farms face the same problem with heat stress in the summer with their cows.

*1 Costs for system implementation vary according to the scale of facilities.
Note: Please do not contact the user directly about this to avoid inconveniencing them.
Photo of trial run of CoolPescon®CH in Septemver 2014. Reduction in ambient temperature of 3–5°C was achieved without wetting the cows or cowshed.


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