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Spray Unit COOLKIT-B (Directly connected to tap water)

Spray capacity 1.4 L/hr (*1) Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption 40 W (50 Hz), 39.5 W (60 Hz) (*2)
Water pressure 0.3 MPa (*3) Air pressure - Air consumption -


• Fine fog spray cooling and humidification D.I.Y. kit.
• It reduces temperatures by 3–5℃ with evaporative cooling of fog.
• Ideal as an urban heat island (UHI) countermeasure, for heatstroke prevention, for creating comfortable cool spots, etc.
• It can be also used for dust suppression, static charge prevention, and humidification.

*1) Spray capacity for each nozzle at tap water pressure of 3 kg/c㎡ (0.3 MPa) when 6–7 nozzles are installed.
Spray capacity varies depending on tap water pressure and the number of nozzles.
Spray capacity for each nozzle with tap water pressure of 3 kg/c㎡ (0.3 MPa):
1.3 L/hr with 8–9 nozzles installed, 1.2 L/hr with 10–11 nozzles installed, 1.1 L/hr with 12 nozzles installed
Up to 12 nozzles can be installed (except in regions where tap water pressure is 1 kg/c㎡ [0.1 MPa])

*2) Power supply: 100 VAC (50 Hz/ 60 Hz)
*3) Tap water pressure varies by the region. For the tap water pressure in your region, contact the regional waterworks department.


Static electricity prevention: Prevents/reduces troubles caused by static charge, such as product damage, (electrostatic damage) and debris/dust adhesion, etc.
Energy saving: The running-costs of our system are only one-fifth of a typical steam humidification system, resulting in drastic energy savings.
Cooling effects: The system also yields a cooling of about 2℃, reducing temperatures with evaporative cooling (using the principle of heat loss due to water evaporation of Dry Fog).
Health-related benefits: Maintaining a relative humidity level of 50% dramatically reduces cold viruses, influenza (flu) viruses and so forth, thus reducing worker absences caused by illness.

• Preventing electrostatic discharge damage during assembly, mounting/installation and tests; preventing debris and dust adhesion; mitigating rises in incorrect-chucking rates; preventing mounting errors.

[Paper & Pulp, Printing]
• Rotogravure printing: Preventing ink pan and ink roll fires, preventing debris and dust adhes

Industries in which this product is used

• Machinery
• Electronics
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food products
• Agriculture
• Livestock
• Automotive manufacturing
• Energy

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

Unit components
1 Water hose 5 m (1)
2 Water hose connecting coupler (1)
3 Pump (1)
4 Water supply tube 10 m (1)
5 Nozzle sets (6)
6 Socket (1)
7 End plug (1)


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