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Electolyzed Water Generator of Hypochlorous Acid Water & Strong Alkaline Water Clezia™

Spray capacity - Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption approx. 150–180 W
Water pressure - Air pressure - Air consumption -


• Selective and individual generation of Hypochlorous Acid Water or Alikaline Water.
• No wasteful by-products are produced in generating either target water.
• Capable of generating high concentration electrolyzed water (Chlorine concentration 10–200 ppm, and pH of 3.0–6.5 ppm).
• No deleterious materials such as hydrochloric acid are used.


[At care facilities, schools, commercial facilities, etc.]
• Sanitation management in a facility
• Disinfection and deodorization of restrooms and healthcare waste rooms
• Sanitation management in a kitchen
• Removal of cigarette smoke odor

[Greenhouse agriculture]
• Preventing crops from catching diseases
• Spray for disinfecting bacteria deposited on operators’ clothes before they enter greenhouses
• Soil ameriolation, growth promotion

[livestock farming]
• Healthcare for livestock
• Cleaning and disinfection of eggs
• Cleaning of barn interiors and tools

Industries in which this product is used

• At care facilities, schools, commercial facilities, etc.
• Greenhouse agriculture
• Livestock farming

Product specifications


• Main unit weighs approx. 20 kg. Diluting unit including tanks and containers on a skid weighs approx. 32 kg (when empty)

Outer dimensions

• H 1,400 x W 1,200 x D 800 mm

Generation and
operation method
Electrolytic pH adjustment method, one-pass generation
Switch of generation mode One-touch reverse type
Products Slightly/weakly-acidic hypochlorous acid water & strong alkaline water
Production capacity

27–33 L/hr at a concentration of 300–400 ppm

270–330 L/hr at a concentration of 30-40 ppm,
using the automated diluting function
Available range
of concentration and pH

Hypochlorous acid water: 300–400 ppm, pH 3.0–6.5.

Alkaline water: pH 11.8 at flow rate of 27–33 L/hr.

Electrolyzing agent Aqueous solution of high purity potassium carbonate (a food additive)
Power supply 100 VAC
Rated power consumption Approx. 250W
Casing material Stainless steel 304
Supply water Supply softened or purified water.
Maintain the supply water pressure within the range of 0.15–0.5 MPa.
Operating ambient Operating temperature range 5–45 degrees C and max 85% RH 


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