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Dry-Fog Disinfectant Spray Unit Dry-Fog STAND®

Spray capacity 8.1 L/hr (*1) Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption 0.75 kW (*2)
Water pressure - Air pressure - Air consumption -


• A unit spraying a disinfectant in Dry Fog (*3) form.
• Disinfecting a large space quickly without wetting a facility interior.
• Selectable operation modes: continuous or intermittent mode.
• Reduces labor required for disinfection work.

*1) 3-nozzle type: 7.5 L/hr at 50 Hz, 8.1 L/hr at 60 Hz
*2) 3-nozzle type: 0.75 kW
*3) A very fine fog with a mean droplet diameter of 10 μm or less.


Use the device during non-business hours of a facility or break time when people are not present.

• In an office
• In a lobby
• In a theater
• In a common area
• In a cafe

Industries in which this product is used

• Healthcare
• Food processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Schools

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

3-nozzle type

  Code Spray capacity (L/hr)
50 Hz 60 Hz

3-nozzle type (*5)

AE-3 (03C)(*4) 7.5 8.1
*4) Acid-resistant parts (fitting: titanium, strainer: sintered porous plastics) are used only for the body of AE-3(03C) that is used with Dry-Fog STAND.
*5) When the 0.75 kW type is used at 60 Hz, up to four nozzles can be mounted by your purchase of one additional nozzle (spray capacity with four nozzles: 9.6 L/hr).


Simple control panel

• Intermittent spray timing can be set as desired.
• Capable of continuous spraying for up to 140 minutes (with the 3-nozzle type).


Built-in large-capacity chemical tank (20 L)



No. Components
Telescopic pole
Liquid tube
Air tube
Control panel
Power cable
Air intake filter



Product specifications

  Approximate dimensions (mm) Approximate mass (kg) Power consumption (kW) Power supply Approximate noise level (dB)
3-nozzle type W 450 x D 750 x H 2,150 (*6) mm 70 (empty tank)
90 (full tank)
0.75 100 VAC
(for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz)

72 (*7)

*6) Height when the telescopic pole is fully extended.
*7) Average per nozzle of the 3-nozzle type used at 60 Hz.


Image for illustration purposes only

In an indoor event venue, a community center or a theater. In a lobby or at an entrance.
For disinfecting a common area such as a breakroom or a lounge. In a cafeteria, a coffee shop, a cafe or a banquet hall.


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